“Hi Lola”, Music, vocals and sound design for a short film by director Fabrizio Narcisi. The video accompanies the fourth issue “L’invito” of Italian fashion magazine Carnale.


[Malaria No More]


Sound design, with a story narrated by grammy award-winning Nigerian singer Yemi Alade. For Nickelodeon.


Sound design for short film ‘CRACKS’ By artist/director Mila V and multidisciplinary artist Mulas Hybrid Haus.

[Philip Lück]

Audiovisual experiments with 3D artist Philip Lück.



Sound design for the Adidas, Stay
in Play campaign.


Dentsu Creative

Music and sound design for Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

[Warrior Shanghai] 

Sound design and music for social media.

[Slanted Fairy Tale]

Moby Digg

Soundtrack and sound design for a 3D world accompanying Slanted Magazine the renowned print magazine covering international developments in arts, design and culture. Read more about it here and visit the extra terrestrial world here,
and listen to the full 15 minutes soundtrack while walking trough a digital art gallery.